John Felder and his team have been shipping vehicles and other goods to the Caribbean for more than 20 years.

His company, Premier Automotive Export LTD. (PAE), has licenses in Cuba and throughout the Caribbean to provide the people of the islands the vehicles they need for their daily lives.

In 2016 PAE became the first U.S. business since the Cuban revolution to receive U.S. approval to export vehicles to the island.  All Cubans can purchase electric scooters.  With its offices in Miami, PAE can provide delivery in just a matter of weeks.  All scooters have the newest, most reliable lithium ion batteries and come with a 12-month, 12,000 mile warranty. 

Additionally, Mr. Felder’s company offers these long-lasting lithium ion batteries as replacements for depleted lead-acid batteries for existing e-bikes and scooters.

John Felder is the President, CEO and founder of Premier Automotive Export LTD.  He worked at Daimler Chrysler for twenty-five years, including as district manager, and owned his own car dealership.  He founded Cayman Automotive in 2004, introducing auto leasing, extended service contracts and solar power charging stations to the Cayman Islands.  In 2014 he expanded electric vehicle sales to other Caribbean Islands. In 2016 PAE received exclusive licenses to export to Cuba. 

Brian Dean is the Director of International Sales, Training and Service for PAE.  Brian works with car dealers throughout the Caribbean providing the training, parts advice and support they needed to maintain the electric vehicles they sell.  With decades of experience with electric vehicla s sales and service, he has provided technical consulting for Cayman Automotive Leasing and Premier Automotive Export since 2012. 
Premier Automotive Export, LTD has offices in Miami and Havana.  PAE ships new and pre-owned vehicles and new Bala scooters throughout the Caribbean.  PAE also offers these same, highly reliable Bala electric scooters to all residents of Cuba and ships gas-powered and electric cars to the 124 embassies in Havana, along with other consumer goods and office products.​​

PAE has a strong partnership with Nissan.  For the Caribbean, PAE is the only authorized parts distributor for all electric Nissan Leaf.  All parts for the Leaf are available; lithium ion batteries, 12-volt batteries, tires, wiper blades, brake pads and any and all body parts.

Customer service is a hallmark of PAE's business.  All vehicles and scooters come with an extended warranty.  If a customer purchases a pre-owned vehicle, they do so with the assurance that their car, SUV or truck is factory certified.  You can always buy with confidence.